Big Ben Preview Tour Dates and Times

Big Ben preview tour

This guided tour of the Elizabeth Tower takes you up a narrow 334-step spiral stairwell to the Belfry where Big Ben, the Great Bell, hangs. Along the route, your guide will reveal details of the most extensive and complex conservation project in Big Ben’s 160 years. This vital conservation work involved over 500 people from across the UK and their traditional crafts including stone masonry, glass blowing, gilding, plastering, cast iron and clock mechanics. 

On this preview tour you will see the inner workings of the clock mechanism, stand next to the world-famous Big Ben as it strikes the hour and step behind the dials, each spanning 6.9m in diameter. You are also welcome to explore the medieval Westminster Hall after your visit to the Elizabeth Tower.

This limited tour in English is offered at a reduced rate of £10 and is a rare opportunity to see inside the Tower while UK Parliament put the finishing touches on the exhibition elements ahead of the official reopening this summer.

The Big Ben preview tour is not suitable for everyone. Visitors must be aged 11 and over and be comfortable climbing 300+ steps and experiencing high noise levels from the clock mechanism and bells - ear defenders will be provided. The total tour duration is 90 minutes and toilet facilities are available at the beginning and end of the tour only. Due to the constraints of the Tower, accessible tours including step-free access are not currently available as part of these preview tours. Sign up to UK Parliament’s newsletter to hear about accessible tour options later in the year.

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